The BHM Foundation - The Project To Fight Period Poverty in the D.R.Congo

At Belange Handmade, we understand that our responsibility is not only to clothe customers and create wealth, but it also entails tackling issues facing the community.

What Is Period Poverty And Why Is It A Global Issue?

Period Poverty is the lack of access to menstrual supplies due to poverty, and it can have a devastating effect on those living in developing countries. According to UNICEF, an estimated 1.2 million women and young girls globally lack adequate sanitary services due to poverty. 

In rural areas in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, one in ten girls misses four to six days of school every month due to lack of access to menstrual products, while some are forced to drop out of school completely. This lack of access also affects their mothers, making it difficult to consistently work and provide for their families.  


How We Stepped In

In 2019, we created The BHM Foundation, a campaign to combat Period Poverty in impoverished rural areas of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. 

The BHM Foundation officially  launched in 2021 and has been actively providing reusable menstrual supplies to women and young girls affected by Period Poverty, particularly in rural areas.


How You Can Help Us Help Others

Being a part of our initiative and helping us provide period kits to women in need is very simple. All you need to do is buy and rock our fabulous products, and we will automatically deduct 5% from each sale to fund our project.

Founder Belange Mutunda experienced this issue firsthand, growing up in a family with limited income. As such, she was determined to use her talents in fashion to make a difference and help other women gain access to the essential hygiene supplies they need. 

Watch The Launch Party of Our Project Below