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Congratulations on choosing Belange Handmade for your special event. You are one step away from getting the custom piece of your dreams made by Belange Mutunda herself!
Submit your inquiry by filling out the form below.
Once your inquiry is approved, we will send you a confirmation email so you can book a consultation appointment with us and pay the non-refundable consultation fee.Without an appointment, your inquiry will be disregarded. 
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- Custom Orders FAQ's-
How much do custom orders cost?
  • Wedding - Bridal African print gowns: $2000.00+
  • Music video, TV Show, Red Carpet events: $1500.00+
  • Bridal Shower, Engagement, Baby Shower, Gender Reveal: $700.00+ Prom,
  • Graduation: $500.00+
  • Birthdays and Other Special Events: $200.00+
Can I send pictures of what I want so I can skip the consultation appointment ? No, you must pay for a consultation to be considered for a custom order and be added to our waitlist.
Do you take out-of-state/country clients? YES, we will have Facetime/Zoom/Skype consultations.
Do you make dresses for all sizes? At the moment, we only make garments ranging from 0-14 US sizes.
What is your turnaround time? Due to high-volume requests, our turnaround time goes between 3 – 8 weeks after consultation, depending on the design.
How soon should I contact you to be considered for a custom order? At least 5-7 weeks before your event.
Do you take express orders? It would depend on the complexity of your design, and you will be charged an express fee.
Can I rent a dress you already have? No, we are currently taking extra safety precautions due to COVID-19.
Where are you located? Los Angeles, CA.