Fashion Scholarship Fund - YMA
— 2020 Case Study Competition by Belange Mutunda

I personally define Fashion Design as an opportunity to bring solutions to a wide variety of customers in the market at the right time and for the right price. I decided to compete in the FSF competition this year because I did extensive research regarding modest clothing, and came to the conclusion that many apparel companies have not yet seized the huge financial opportunity this niche market accounts for. It is projected to reach about $467 billion by 2020, which accounts for 18% of the entire fashion industry globally. I am 100% convinced that the company that will consider my case study, will help several women who are hungry for clothes and be profitable for years at the same time.

I imagine an amazing fashion collaboration between the world’s biggest retailer also known as INDITEX Group ( owns Zara, Pull & Bear , Zara Home , Massimo Dutti etc … ) and the first hijab-wearing model in the United States Halima Aden. Together, these two parties will bring to the market a modern modest fashion brand called “Modesta” for women and young girls who care about covering up their bodies.

Checkout my entire case study below